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The Magic of Minerals, in Makeup?

We are living in a “Go Green” culture where conservation and using natural products is best for us and the Earth. Society is becoming more aware of the dangers of chemicals and how these chemicals are winding up in our food supply, water sources and yes, even in our cosmetics. For over 30 years now there has been a natural beauty secret that is just now causing a buzz in the beauty industry. What does the beauty industry have to do with lapidary and rocks? Well, most of us are in the fashion industry by making jewelry out of our lapidary arts and why not makeup? The beauty secret that I’m referring to is natural mineral makeup and it’s all the rage today!

For centuries, women have been painting themselves with all sorts of products and some of these products have been very dangerous and even poisonous. The Ancient Egyptians and Romans used soot to paint their eyes, (soot is a dark powdery deposit of unburned fuel residues), along with white lead and chalk to make their faces pale. As makeup evolved, lead paint was used as a face foundation to give a pale look, which was a sign of wealth.


There is also a demand for products that are not tested on animals, thanks to organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as well as Vegan products that contain no animal material. Mineral makeup does not need to be animal tested because there are no chemicals in it. Mineral makeup is actually good for your skin! Studies have shown that mineral makeup when used as a foundation not only covers the signs of Roseaca but also helps soothe the irritated skin, allowing it to heal. One ingredient in mineral makeup is zinc oxide which offers UVA and UVB protection. As a face peel, minerals can be used to calm itchy, inflamed or flaking skin. Since mineral makeup does not clog pores, it’s ideal for acne prone skin. And ladies, you can sleep with your makeup on! Mineral makeup ingredients such as titanium, magnesium, and zinc are good for your skin and help produce a refreshed look to the skin and even help to rejuvenate the skin.

Mineral Makeup Ingredients:
• Mica
• Titanium Dioxide
• Kaolin Clay
• Zinc Oxide
• Oxide
• Ultramarine

MICA – The Wonder Ingredient!
Just what makes those eye shadows glimmer and sparkle? Yes, Mica minerals such as the beautiful Muscovite, Biotite and Lipodolite. Mica is made up of thin sheets of silicate minerals that sparkle when light hits the flat surface. Grind up these sheets into a powder and you have a natural glitter that is safe around the eyes, nose and mouth which means Mica can be added to a number of cosmetics such as eye shadows, foundation powders and lip sticks. And there is a wide variety of mica colors to choose from.

Mica isn’t just used in makeup, in fact, Mica has been used for centuries in many industries: electronics, paints, plastics, and even buildings (such as joint compound and mica flooring), just to name a few. Mica is also heat resistant and fire proof.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE has a sticky feel to it and is used so that the product adheres to the face and eye-lids. It provides UV protection and makes colors bright. It also provides high coverage to even out skin tone in foundation powders.

KAOLIN CLAY offers medium coverage, high adhesion and also makes an excellent face masque because of its purifying qualities.

ZINC OXIDE is used as a whitening agent for both eye-shadow and foundation colors. Zinc Oxide calms irritated skin conditions such as Rosesea, provides high coverage in foundation powders and has medium adhesion qualities.


ULTRAMARINE is used because there is no blue oxide. Ultramarine gets its blue color from the semi-precious stone, Lapis Lazuli.

OXIDES come in a variety of colors: black, brown, green, violet, red, and yellow. Combining these colors together gives you endless possibilities.

OCHRES - Archaeologists have discovered that pigments such as ochres and iron oxides have been used since prehistoric times to paint the body.
















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