Over 100 different colors to choose from! See list below the chart. I also make custom colors so if you don't find what you want or if you are trying to match something, please contact me.

10 gram jar w/ applicator.

$ 6.90 ea.

5g Jar


Samples -Pick any 7 colors!

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Click on Chart for Enlargement - Color list below chart.


Enchanted - Highlight for the 3 below.
Herbal - Light army green with crystal shimmer.
No Slogan - Medium army green with crystal shimmer.
Trooper - Dark army green with crystal shimmer.
Potent - Muted army green with crystal sparkle.
Fantastic - Real green with blue sparkle.
Envy - Metallic emerald green.
Drunk - Metallic green with green sparkle.
Surreal - Teal shimmer.
Siren Spell - Sea green with magenta shimmer.
Hazel - Brown with green shimmer.
Astrology - Shimmery Teal


Mystical - Lightest blue pearl.
Star - Pastel medium blue with blue shimmer.
Whisper - Pastel medium blue matte.
Agreement - Light powder blue pearl.
Infinity - Medium powder blue pearl.
Artisan - Blue with hint of purple pearl.
Silent Love - Sky blue pearl/metallic.
Moody - Bright blue with hint of blue pearl.
UFO - Deep grey-blue with blue shimmer.
Tarot - Medium blue with crystal sparkle.
Astrology - Sea blue with blue shimmer.
Universe - Deepest Blue with blue pearl.
Midnight Sky - Black with blue shimmer.
Watch - Grey matte on the blue side.

HIGHLIGHTS (Light reflective)

Treasure - Blue
Calm - Aqua & Turquoise
Pure - Gold
Halo - Purple
Take Me - Magenta & Aqua
Walk in Beauty - Antique gold

Black / White

Raven -
Night -
To the Core - Slate grey on the blue side, loaded with crystal sparkle.
Watch - Grey matte on the blue side.
Sacrifice - Black with purple pearl.
Best Friend - Black with purple shimmer.
I Do - Black with red and magenta sparkle.
Storm - Steel grey with lots of crystal sparkle.


Carisa - Royal purple with hint of crystal shimmer.
Saint - Light lavender with pearl and crystal shimmer.
Desire - Medium lavender with blue shimmer.
Spirit Me - Pastel grape purple and magenta pearl.
Run - Dark grape with opalescent shimmer.
Breathe - Medium berry with lavender sparkle.
11:11 - Dark grape with gold shimmer.
Reunited - Bright dark grape with purple shimmer.
Compliment - Dark grape, toned down with golden shimmer.
Fantasy - Bright grape with magenta/blue shimmer.
Victoria - Dark royal purple with blue shimmer.
Sacrifice - Black with purple pearl.
Best Friend - Black with purple shimmer.
Nervous - Very dark purple with violet sparkle.
Beauty - Lavender with shimmer pearl.
TFH - Brilliant purple with blue shimmer.


Memory - Pastel berry.
Day Dream - Medium berry with hint of magenta pearl.
Crush - Medium red berry with opalescent sparkle.
Renew - Light berry with antique gold shimmer.
Adapt - Berry wine semi-matte.
Perfection - Bright raspberry with hint of opalescent shimmer.
Symbol - Metallic cranberry.
Unreal - Medium pastel berry with magenta shimmer.
It Shall Be - Berry with purple pearl.
Passion - Berry matte.
Desperate - Burnt raspberry shimmer.
Come Back - True raspberry shimmer.


Alone - Hot magenta pink with magenta sparkle.
Amorous - Ice pink.
Automatic - Real red.
Chase ME - Pale pink with golden shimmer.
Confident - Brick red with brick shimmer.
For Love - Perfect pink with magenta and crystal shimmer.
Mercy - Bright cranberry with gold shimmer.
Love Sick - Dark dusty rose with golden shimmer.
Inspiration - Brick with gold and crystal sparkle.
Zodiac - Magenta pink pearl.
So What? - Raspberry red with crystal shimmer.
Sacrifice - Black with red and magenta sparkle.
Sweet Emotion - Burgundy with bronze shimmer.

Antique – Golden yellow shimmer.
Away – Orange coral w/ gold sparkle.
Butterfly – Copper metallic.
Disco – Pure gold metallic.
Eternity -
Hello – Bright yellow metallic.
In Time – Apricot w/ orange gold shimmer.
Phobia – Burt orange pearl.
Pure – Light gold shimmer.
Sunrise - Light burnt orange pearl.
Walk in Beauty – Antique Gold Shimmer.


Angel – Light taupe with crystal Sparkle.
Bare – Light taupe matte
Caring –
Emotional – Warm Mocha Shimmer
Sweet Love - Light Taupe w/ Gold & Crystal Shimmer
Mist - Very light opaque pearl.
Reason – Darkest taupe, copper pearl
Serene- Light peachy taupe extra pearl
Poetry - Bronze shimmer.
Paradise - Bronze-rose shimmer.
Walk in Beauty - Beige shimmer.


Ache – Drk brown on red side, matte.
Bare - Light brown shadow.
Changes - Mocha with copper shimmer.
Earth – Medium deep brown matte; gorgeous.
Element – Drk brown, gold, copper, bronze.
Escape - Very dark brown with copper pearl.
Fate – Brown with orange blend.
Fortune – Lightest shadow brown, matte.
Lost – Rich dark orange brown semi-sheen.
Pleasure – Med. brown with gold shimmer.
Reality – Med. brown with bronze sparkle.
Reason - Medium brown pearl.
Romantic – Light burnt brown matte.
Rustic – Deep dark brown.
Slate – Almost black.
Smoke – Great for shadowing, matte.
Temper – Very dark brown on the red side, matte.
Wizard – Medium brown pearl.
333 – Dark brown with hint of sheen.


Mind Games - Pearl with opalescent glitter.
Love Me - Purple pearl & purple sparkle.
Heat - Red/orange glitter.

NOTE: Glitters below require Skin Euphoria Adhesive™

777 – Opalescent
Fairy Dust – Magenta
Forever – Silver Hologram
Tweak – Turquoise
Ruby – Red
Royal – Purple


Butterfly – Copper
Confident – Brick Red
Disco – Pure Gold
Envy – Deep Green
Surreal – Teal
Silent Love - Sky blue pearl/metallic.
Hello – Bright yellow metallic.

Eye Shadow Ingredients
May contain the following:

Titanium Dioxide
Zinc Oxide
Kaolin Clay
Tin Oxide
Magnesium Stearate
Magnesium Myristate

Bright Reds & Purples
May contain the following: Lake Dye Pigments, Carmine.

Particle Size:
Pearl = Smoothest
Shimmer = Ultra Fine
Sparkle = Fine
Glitter = Largest


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